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Getting Married In Japan

So I have a lot of American girlfriends who are married or getting married to Japanese men – now why is that so I teased them ?  but yes ! it’s not uncommon these days – so many Canadians and American women go to Japan for exchange programs and many goes there for teaching and other kind of work.  So when my closest friend’s daughter wrote and told me she is getting married to a Japanese man – I wasn’t really surprised.

So what is the procedure for an American to get married in Japan – I was asked.  Well, besides first getting your partner rings there are some things you have to be made aware of if you want to get married in Japan and be legally recognized so I was told.   In Japan – they called it the civil registration – and you can do it in a Japanese municipal government office.  But of course, you can have the traditional Japanese celebration and the modern Japanese – they do it in church too – but the only legal way to get married is in the government office.

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  1. Well its really seems nice to see white women love & married japanese although japanese women(usually chinese) married many westerns but still don’t like their men to do same. I’m not a japanese but i’ve seen this in my life.

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