Akio Wannabe-San

Halloween In Japan


Folks asked me all the time if the Japanese celebrates Halloween like we do here in the West.   And yes, they do – in fact I think the Japanese are more serious about dressing up for Halloween than any Asian countries that I’ve visited.  Starting from early September right thru’ October, there will be Halloween decorations at the shopping centers and candies made for Halloween as well.


Haunted houses as well as Halloween events are in place in various bigger cities. If you want to do something really spooky in Japan, Tokyo, check out Mt Fuji – Aokigahara Forest , I hear they put up a good event every year.  The Japanese do have a Halloween Parade called the Kawasaki Halloween Parade, known as one of the largest parade in Japan, just outside of Tokyo.  Of course, Disneyland in Japan will have its own celebration even if the rest of Japan isnt’ but you will be surprised that even in Yokohoma and Osaka, they have their own parades as well.

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