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Manga Cafes


Manga cafes in Japan takes you to a whole new level of enjoying your anime.  There are many Manga cafes in Japan and all has great amenities to offer.  From hourly to half a day and even over nite booking.

One can book their private booth and enjoy their free complimentary internet or just have a quiet rest in the oh so comfortable leather seating that you can reclined and stretch out fully.  Of course, there are food that you can order and drinks as well.

There are 1000s of manga for  you to enjoy and you can pick anyone that you like.   Manboo is one of the biggest Manga cafe chain in Japan and they are open 24/7 from what i understand.  There is the 30 mins rate at about 100 Yen and 3 hrs rate at 980 Yen or an over night rate of 1290 Yen approximately. But weekends are a little bit more expensive.  In order to use the internet, you need to have a valid ID as well, but one can always apply for a Manboo card and you never have to worry about using the internet for free.

 The inside and the outside of a Manga cafe is totally different , while the reception area looks like a hotel , the booth area is dark and have neon lights all over.  The booth consist of its own computer, a faux leather chair and internet access of course.  Oh I also forgot that you have your very own tv in the booth as well.  Some Manga cafe have a nail salon that offers really cheap manicure as well , so there are lots to do in Japan besides shopping , eating and karaoke.

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