Akio Wannabe-San

Inside A Capsule Hotel


The spouse was recently in Japan and stayed in a very  new capsule hotel in Shinjuku and reported that it was quite pleasant and that the amenities were plenty too.   He was quite surprised with it because it even have a luxurious bath in this particular capsule hotel.


And like any Capsule Hotel , every capsule has its own tv and outlets where you can plug in your computer or anything that you need to recharge like phones and tablets or computers.  The capsule hotels has lockers for you to place your valuables and robes for you to change into , that way you don’t need to worry about messing up your clothes.  They also have a food court in the hotel and plenty of vending machines as well.

They are relatively cheaper than the hotels if you are alone but each capsule is only meant for 1 person and won’t fix even a kid, so if you have someone else with you that day, you can forget about getting a capsule for the night.

PS :  They also have shampoo, soap and toothbrush and paste for in house guests , so you need not bring any or worry about purchasing some.

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