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The Oiran Experience


Alot of people are mistaken when they see an Oiran and a geisha, they think that they are the same but nope , they are not.  The geisha is dressed up more simply than the Oiran but both the Oiran and the geisha can do the singing, acting and dancing but it is said that the Oiran does it better?

Oirans are freakishly expensive, I learned from a Japanese friend of mine who entertains a lot of their foreign clients.  To have the company of an Oiran , it would cost an entire years salary of a normal worker in Japan.  And yes, that’s a lot of money !  The Oiran is pretty special, she is not your normal prostitute because she can refuse your business, you need to be introduced first and if they are attracted to you , then you can start having a relationship with her.


People from all over the world comes for the once a year procession of the Oiran and it’s pretty elaborate.  At the end of the procession, there is a stage, where the Oiran shows how the customers are served and what one can expect from the Oiran.


The Bunsui Sakura Matsuri Oiran D?ch? is a free event held in Tsubame, Niigata. D?ch? is a shortened form of oiran-dochu, also the name for the walk the top courtesans made around the quarter or the parade they made to escort their guests. This parade features three oiran in full regalia — Shinano, Sakura, and Bunsui — among the cherry blossoms in April with approximately 70 accompanying servants. Each oiran in 15-cm tall geta parades in the distinctive gait, giving the procession an alternate name, the Dream Parade of Echigo (Echigo no yume-dochu). The event is extremely popular across the country, with many people in Japan applying for the three oiran and servant roles.

High School In Japan


Attending high school in Japan is very much different from the United States but one thing for sure, they are similar when it comes to class proms as well as class rings for the year you are in.  The  best high school class rings  that I’ve gotten were during my high school years too but I think some finds it more significant to get it from their boyfriend especially if your boyfriend is the football team captain.   Japanese high school girls are very fashionable, therefore the class rings also must be as classy as they are or well – designed.

Halloween In Japan


Folks asked me all the time if the Japanese celebrates Halloween like we do here in the West.   And yes, they do – in fact I think the Japanese are more serious about dressing up for Halloween than any Asian countries that I’ve visited.  Starting from early September right thru’ October, there will be Halloween decorations at the shopping centers and candies made for Halloween as well.


Haunted houses as well as Halloween events are in place in various bigger cities. If you want to do something really spooky in Japan, Tokyo, check out Mt Fuji – Aokigahara Forest , I hear they put up a good event every year.  The Japanese do have a Halloween Parade called the Kawasaki Halloween Parade, known as one of the largest parade in Japan, just outside of Tokyo.  Of course, Disneyland in Japan will have its own celebration even if the rest of Japan isnt’ but you will be surprised that even in Yokohoma and Osaka, they have their own parades as well.

Japanese Playing Dress Up

Japanese loved playing dress up and not only the young ones – the older ones are just as outrageous sometimes but I’ll have to say they do have quite the fashion sense – don’t you think?

Ordinarily, the Japanese are still very well-dressed and most believed in quality more than quantity but Japanese are said to be highly into the next fashionable things more than the rest of the world.

While youngsters here in the West loved to dye their hair in different colors – I’ve not seen one dressed this way here yet.

Of course, we also have the sumo wrestlers who are very proud to dress up this way to let the world know that they are sumo wrestlers.

Hair Fashion In Japan

Yes! spotted on the streets in Japan – extremely puffed up hair – and not a woman but a man!  definitely different but definitely Japanese.  Truth be told, I wonder how he did it – must have kept the front of his hair very long – and these men are not bikers either – because if they were – they won’t have the hair looking like this for too long – hehe!

Anime Lover’s Lenses

Those who loved anime knows that the Japanese loved dressing up like their favorite anime character and the latest trend you see on the streets of Japan are these anime contact lenses.   It comes in several colors and can be worn for up to 30 times.  The anime contacts makes one’s eye larger and watery looking and Japanese guys loved these eyes so I was told. For $30 – $50 a pair – you can order this to your specifications and make your eyes as wide and huge as you want.

Manga Love

So we all know that Japanese – especially the Japanese loved their Manga.  Don’t know what Manga is – well, it’s actually comic books and cartoons.  But Manga in Japan had taken a different view to it all – they now have dates for the Manga fan – so I’ve heard.  15 men and women wearing masks got together and mingled in hope of finding a date.  Like most Japanese in Japan – they all seems to be shy – and apparently it was quite successful.   And to find someone who have the same love of the stuff you like isn’t easy – so hopefully, these newly couple will find happiness thru’ Manga.

Tokyo Fashion Today

One gotta love all those street fashion you see in Japan – and of course, we all want to dress up like these fashionable Japanese girls.  But gone are the glasses worn by the above girls because  Spy Sunglasses  are the in – thing now and I want to get a pair too.  The spy sunglasses are definitely fashionable – that’s why I can see why it got so popular with the Japanese girls so quickly, my girlfriend from Japan would loved to get a hold of one pair for herself  and another for her sister – in – law.  The frames are said to be hand- crafted – now that’s pretty cool.   Japanese are said to be one of the most fashionable freaks around the world – I love looking at Tokyo street fashion every now and then to keep up to date.

Japanese Beauties

We’ve all admired the Japanese beauties from afar and wonder often enough if it is  sea weed  that they use in their beauty regime that keeps them looking so beautiful and young – and since I’ve friends living in Japan now – permanently I got them to do a little investigation themselves. The Japanese have their own range of beauty products – and some are quite unconventional according to my girlfriend who’ve lived there for a good 10 years and seaweed was one of the products that they do use – so now to get the kind of seaweed and not the eating ones for my own beauty regime. And another ritual that my girlfriend recommended was hot springs – they say that the Japanese girls go as often as they can – to the hot springs to detox – so those who wants to look as kawaii as the japanese girls – you know what to do – seaweed and hot springs.

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