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Bachelorette Party In Japan


Like all brides to be, who doesn’t love a good bachelorette party and when I was invited to join one when i lived in Japan, I was asked to  find ideas for bachelorette party  as well.  And I wasted no time, and got into the planning with a few co-workers of mine in Japan.  Apparently, the Japanese girls are a lot more gung -ho when it comes to partying, not only do they have a theme for the bachelorette party, they also want to make sure that everyone have loads of fun, food and of course some excitement for the blushing Japanese  bride.

As it was a huge bachelorette party, we had to order all our party suppliers online but they were really reasonable in charges and lots to choose from.  So in the end, we had the most awesome bachelorette party for everyone.

Wifi for Travelers To Japan


Many tourists as well as businessmen who had been to Japan complains constantly about getting access to Wifi easily.  You would think that Japan would be the first to have free wi-fi for its tourists and all those visiting from away right?  after all, they are one of the leaders in technology.  But until a few years ago, the most easily accessible free wi fi is Starbucks and on the train stations.

But good news for all those future tourists and businessmen out there, for the government in Japan is planning to have free wi-fi for all their visitors really soon.  But you will have to show that you are a tourists using your passport which can be a tat inconvenient at first but I guess it’s a small price to pay for some of us who needs the internet constantly.  So hurry for free wi – fi in Japan soon.

Car Rentals In Japan


So how do you rent a car in Japan?  I was asked recently by a friend who was going for her honeymoon there.  Good question indeed – for driving in Japan , well in the city may be quite nerve wrecking but in the country, it can be a pretty awesome experience.

First of all , make sure you have an international driver license and make sure you have your passport with you when you are renting a car in Japan.  While some of you might start worrying about having to deal with a Japanese dealer who doesn’t speak in English for car rental, don’t fret because there are many English car rental websites that you can check out.  Book your car rentals online with ease and pick up your car with ease.

A credit card is necessary for your car rental, so make sure you have it. And the good news about car rentals in Japan is, you don’t have to worry about mileage !  woohoo!!  so you can drive all you want and go watch the stars and the moon in the countryside or hang out on top of a mountain – no problemo!   Oh and don’t forget to order yourself a car with an ENGLISH GPS.  Yes, they do have that in Japan.

Happy driving!

Tokyo Ramen Show 2014


Sometime, in April every year, Tokyo has a big Ramen show, I wonder if they had it this year because I haven’t hear anyone talking about it.  I loved the Ramen show and would attend it if I could.  You get to try different kind of ramens from the best ramen chefs around Tokyo.  So if you get a chance to be in Tokyo at that time, brave yourself and go try it out.  But just so you know there are thousands of ppl going there.

Coming To Age Fashion 2014

Coming of age is a y early thing in Japan but the fashion are pretty different from many years ago when I was in Japan.  Most Japanese girls and boys are in traditional costumes but there are some who wear suits and other wardrobe for their coming of age ceremony.

I don’t think the older generation appreciates this – hahha!

But look at how stylish they are.  colored hair and hair accessories.

Karaoke Sessions

Inspired from his recent trip to Japan, the spouse wants a Karaoke machine in the house too.  Getting some rode small diaphragm condenser mics at guitar center  to equip the karoke room, and as soon as they arrived, he can start inviting his friends over for a singing and drinking session.

While Karole sessions are not popular here in the West, in Japan, it is everywhere.  Young and old, male and female, everyone is into singing in the Karaoke.  Of course, Karaoke session is not all about singing in Japan, it’s about the drinking, the smoking and a lot of snack food provided by these Karaoke clubs.

If you are feeling a bit lonely, there are even hostesses that will sing with you.  Karaoke rooms ranges from 4 – 14 people capacity.  So you can sing with as many or as little friends as you like.   The variety of songs are plentiful and they have all kinds of songs in different languages.   So for those who loved singing, try the karaoke clubs in Japan, you won’t be disappointed.  They are open to wee hours in the morning.

A Christmas In Japan

Someone had asked me whether one eats turkey for Christmas in Japan in which I replied I have never seen my Japanese friends cooked a turkey before.  But the Japanese do celebrate Christmas and a lot of dating and outings are planed during the Christmas season.

But most popular place or for family to bring home for a Christmas dinner is KFC!  I kid you not!  so be happy that you are getting turkey and not chicken this Christmas.

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