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Maid Cafes In Japan


Maid cafes are quite the thing to do when you visit Japan, but it is not only for the tourists, they are for the locals as well.  Most people who comes to the Maid cafes in Japan only do it for the experience but some are into cos-play and others well, just wants to look at the pretty and young girls there.

Maid cafes are themed cafes obviously and there are so many sprouting in every corner in Japan especially bigger cities like Tokyo.  You are usually not allowed to film inside the cafes or take photos but there are some who would let you take a picture of them for a few hundred yens.

 There are of course different maid cafes around Japan , and all of them do have food involved as well as drinks.  They also dance for you and before you can partake your food, you need to do some singing or dancing or both from what I know.  I don’t know if they are popular for the older folks but for the younger folks ,  both men and women , they seems to have been quite taken by all the cos-play and the cutesyness of the dress up and cos- play.

Oh btw, maid cafes are not hostess hereby they drink with you and you can neither touch them.  This isn’t a prostitution ring , no naughty business here, so cheeky old men out there, you can do away with the idea, if you think it is this kinda establishment.

Now the tricky part of one’s experience with the maid cafes are that there is a table charge plus whatever you order during your 1 hr stay at the cafe.  If you intend to stay longer, you will be charge another table charge , so the turnover of the tables are fairly quick.  You cannot hang around the cafes and not pay for the table charge.

Asahi Beer Sakura Campaign


Since it is Sakura season here in Japan, trending right now in Japan since February is the Asahi Beer Sakura Campaign all over Japan especially at the Train station, since everyone in Japan takes a lot of train.  But of course if you are in Japan right now, you will see that even Starbucks has their own Sakura themed drinks.  Sakura beer is welcomed and is said to be quite refreshing especially for the ladies in Japan.  The beer is at about $4 a bottle and is said to be quite popular.

Speciality Coffee In Tokyo


Someone told me that they can’t find good coffee in Tokyo but there are many good coffee places if you look for it carefully.  This is one of the many coffee places that I’ve come across when I lived in Tokyo, Japan many years ago.  So if you refused to go to Starbucks by the way is everywhere in Tokyo, you might want to look out for this place in Ginza, open daily even on Sundays for a good 12 hrs a day.

Donpa is the name of this drip coffee place, one of the most authentic coffee places I’ve been to in Japan.   3-4-16 Ginza, Chuo Ward. is the address and it’s not difficult to locate this place.  I really think that they do make one of the best coffee in town because of the way it is being brewed.   The acidity is so low, I can drink this coffee on a daily basis.

Bubble Tea In Japan


Wondering if you can get bubble tea in Japan – but of course.  They don’t only have one store but many  stores around chinatown in Tokyo and one from Taiwan in Japan.  One such place is called “Come BuY”  Bubble tea and I’m totally in love with them.

Come Buy opened its door around 2012 and it taste exactly like the ones from China, the real kind of bubble tea.  So if you are looking for bubble tea in Japan, check this one out by JR Station.

Tokyo Ramen Show 2014


Sometime, in April every year, Tokyo has a big Ramen show, I wonder if they had it this year because I haven’t hear anyone talking about it.  I loved the Ramen show and would attend it if I could.  You get to try different kind of ramens from the best ramen chefs around Tokyo.  So if you get a chance to be in Tokyo at that time, brave yourself and go try it out.  But just so you know there are thousands of ppl going there.

Calbee Plus

Calbee is a popular brand of potato chips from Asia and in Japan, you see all these stores sprouting out everywhere and they are so popular.  I think Calbee is trying to show everyone that you don’t have to eat your junk food just plain, you can eat it with even more junk like ice cream and chocolate sauce as well.

And the store don’t just sell potato chips in packages or cups, they freshly deep fry them right in front of you – now what do you think about that now.

One can have cheese, chocolate, ice cream or maple syrup with your chips.

Tea Time In Japan

Having tea in Japan can be quite an experience, an interesting and a pleasant one of course and like everything in Japan, I find the finest tea house in Japan as well.  The Karel Capek Tea Room/Museum is a must to visit when you are in Japan.  They have several branches all over Japan.

The store is full of fun and cute looking tea, tea cups and saucers.

And of course, they are pretty expensive as you can tell.

Don’t you just loved their triangular tea pouch – only in Japan.

Best Coffee In Japan

Better than Starbucks and definitely cheaper – is Caffe Veloce in Kyoto, I wouldn’t drink anything else after tasting the coffee in Caffe Veloce and of course they have pastries, sandwiches and flavored coffee as well as tea and green tea –  but I only go for the black coffee because they are so good.  I actually loved the cake a lot – I don’t find them as sweet as the ones here in the West.


You can find a Cafee Veloce near the JR Station.

A to Z Cafe Tokyo

The A to Z Cafe located at Minami-Aoyama -in Tokyo is one of the many stylish and trendy cafes in Tokyo.  It must be pretty popular since there were quite a lot of people eating, drinking and chatting away when I was there.  Opened in 2006 – it’s owned by Yoshimoto Nara the artist with the collaboration of design unit Graf.   So you will see a lot of pieces done by Yoshimoto himself, some a bit disturbing from the place mats if you visit.  The cafe is on the 5th floor and serves a variety of tea, food, desserts, wine and many blended tea and Japanese arranged tea.

Menus are in Japanese and English – so no worries about ordering.

Rustic background with very simple chairs and tables – this cafe is made unique because of the artist.

There is a smoking and non  – smoking seating – and make sure you check out the artwork display of Yoshimoto.

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