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Party Time


Celebrating my kid’s sweet 18, we decided to have the birthday and dance at our home  I don’t think it is difficult as we have some  sound activated lights  that we can use for the dance floor.   So besides food, drinks and invitations and some good music on a turntable , I think we are pretty much ready to get the party rolling and getting the mood set right.

Musicians In Japan


Musicians are a plenty in Japan , in fact , they make it a huge affair to display their talent on the streets of Tokyo with no reservations.  And some of them lug all their instruments with them and that must be hard work.  Some I notice uses the  cougar tube  an amp combo that is small but gives out good sound and is good for recording , now that is really smart.

 One has to wonder if they are doing this full time or is it for interest alone?  I do see some selling their CDs and some other things and of course some people do throw money into a box that is provided by the musicians. But these street performers are very serious with what they are doing and one has got to respect them for it.

Gift For A Friend In Tokyo

 Whenever we go on a vacation to Tokyo , we stay with a very good friend.  We are very blessed because hotels in Tokyo can be very expensive.  So we bring a gift with us and this year , we were asked if we knew where to  buy clarinet  for our friend’s child who is starting to play the instrument.

So instead of just helping our friend buy the clarinet for her daughter, we are going to bring it as a gift for them.  The next time we will ask if they need anything from the West , that way we can kill 2 birds with one stone and getting them something useful.  And yes, it is customary to bring a gift when you visit a friend in Tokyo and more so if you stay with them.

Jamming In The Streets Of Tokyo


Watching talented young and old people play on the streets are quite common in Japan.  With a 1 4 stereo jack  and their instruments, from drums to guitars, they are so dedicated in bringing you their best performances.   I don’t know if some get discovered but I think that most of these people just wants to perform for the love of it.  They never ask for money, but an applause or two is very much appreciated.  So if you happen to see these talented people play on the street, do clap when they are done.

Portable Synthesizer For Musicians


I don’t know much about gadgets like the above but the nephew in Japan does and he wants me to bring him a  korg kaossilator  when I visit him this summer.   Apparently, he couldn’t find it at a reasonable price where he is , so he wants me to order it online and bring it with me when I visit his family.  I guess this is a synthesizer that is quite popular with young and old musicians as it produces different sounds for the musician/s.  I know exactly where to buy it online for him, so it’s really a pretty easy gift to bring for him during my visit.  He is going to love me for it.

Drum Kits For Christmas


Buying a gift for my nieces and nephews in Japan wasn’t easy at all but I know they loved music and playing musical instruments like guitars and drums.  Teenagers are so hard to buy for , so I did a little  research on drum kits  to see what was available and if they were at my price range.  I loved that I’ve so many choices but to find something reasonable and that they will enjoy is hard.   But I finally did find something that was suitable for my price range and appropriate for them.  I’m guessing some kids overseas will have a very Merry Christmas.

Karaoke In Japan


Karaoke in Japan are serious business, they are open to wee hours in the morning and Japanese loved their singing.  Karaoke bars in Japan are unlike the ones in the West, here everything is quite professional.  They have a public area, if you like to sing with a lot of people watching you or you could have a private room, enough for you and your friends.  Now if you are alone, no problem at all, they have rooms small enough for just 2 person.

Limited availability  of microphones may be in the West, in Japan you don’t have to worry about it, they do have plenty and they will provide you with more if you want.  In Japan, you can find Karaokes even in the most remote areas and in the city, there are lots to choose from.  Now make sure you check out the prices of your karaoke room before settling down, there are some that charges for every 30 mins and others by the hour.  Some provide soft drinks the entire night as long as you order their snacks while others don’t.

I usually go for the food & drinks plus the company but some people go there to get drunk and if you look around, these Karaokes are frequent by all class of people.  From business men to school kids.  In the afternoon, Karaokes are much cheaper – so if you don’t want to spend too much , check them out in the afternoon.

Christmas Shopping For The Music Lover

 The spouse loved loud music and you wouldn’t believed how loud he has his sub on in the car when he is driving alone.  He doesn’t do it when we are in the car but we can hear him a mile away when he gets home from work.  So what do you buy for someone who loved loud music for Christmas?  of course a good sub and I saw a  krk sub at musicians friend  that I’m pretty sure he would appreciate.  And he does deserve it for working so hard and bringing home the bread and butter, so we are ordering one for him online and it should arrive before Christmas.  We only buy things that is useful to the other person, else why buy it right?  With this sub, I’m sure he will be using it for a long, long time.

Hobby Show In Japan

I never was one for hobby show till I went to the one in Japan from many years ago.  The door gifts and even the entry brochure were so carefully chosen and packed together.  Overnight Prints  does work good for any printing you need for an event or a letterhead in your company.  There were just so many things to see, and i don’t know what to buy because of the crowd but I can see that the PR department for this event must have taken a lot of effort, time and planning.  Lovely and crafty people, it’s way too bad that I have crafty hands.

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