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High School In Japan


Attending high school in Japan is very much different from the United States but one thing for sure, they are similar when it comes to class proms as well as class rings for the year you are in.  The  best high school class rings  that I’ve gotten were during my high school years too but I think some finds it more significant to get it from their boyfriend especially if your boyfriend is the football team captain.   Japanese high school girls are very fashionable, therefore the class rings also must be as classy as they are or well – designed.

Gotemba Premium Outlet In Japan


Whether you are on vacation or work, going to Japan is never complete if you didn’t visit the premium outlet in Gotemba located at 1312 Fukasawa, Gotemba, Shizuoka Prefecture 412-0023, Japan.  Gotemba is near the foot of Mount Fuji, so there is no excuse for us ladies to make a trip there after climbing up to Mount Fuji and drinking its mushroom tea.

 Any popular or famous brands that you might want to buy something for yourself or your family, you will find it in this premium outlet.  From Chanel to Coach, and up to 40% discounts for your goods. The west end carries the high end goods and before starting on your shopping spree, make sure you grab yourself a map, that way you can hit the places that you really want to buy something in.  I think they are open from 10 am in the morning till at least 7pm  or longer during the summer.  A good 5 hours of shopping is needed if you plan to pay Gotemba a visit.  Wear walking shoes and boyfriends and husband be prepared to wait.

Hair Fashion In Japan

Yes! spotted on the streets in Japan – extremely puffed up hair – and not a woman but a man!  definitely different but definitely Japanese.  Truth be told, I wonder how he did it – must have kept the front of his hair very long – and these men are not bikers either – because if they were – they won’t have the hair looking like this for too long – hehe!

Anime Lover’s Lenses

Those who loved anime knows that the Japanese loved dressing up like their favorite anime character and the latest trend you see on the streets of Japan are these anime contact lenses.   It comes in several colors and can be worn for up to 30 times.  The anime contacts makes one’s eye larger and watery looking and Japanese guys loved these eyes so I was told. For $30 – $50 a pair – you can order this to your specifications and make your eyes as wide and huge as you want.

Tokyo Fashion Today

One gotta love all those street fashion you see in Japan – and of course, we all want to dress up like these fashionable Japanese girls.  But gone are the glasses worn by the above girls because  Spy Sunglasses  are the in – thing now and I want to get a pair too.  The spy sunglasses are definitely fashionable – that’s why I can see why it got so popular with the Japanese girls so quickly, my girlfriend from Japan would loved to get a hold of one pair for herself  and another for her sister – in – law.  The frames are said to be hand- crafted – now that’s pretty cool.   Japanese are said to be one of the most fashionable freaks around the world – I love looking at Tokyo street fashion every now and then to keep up to date.

Halloween Come Early In Japan

Physical Tempo is the place eto go if you want to see Halloween stuff or buy Halloween stuff.   The Japanese definitely loved their spooky stuff.  Physical Tempo is located at Shibuya Parco.

They do have some really cute stuff and not really spooky at all.  I would love to go shop there some day.  Envious of my Japanese friends right now.

Shopping For Jewelry

I never liked shopping for jewelry when I’m on vacation because I get really worried about buying something that is fake or not right – but ever since buying  sterling silver jewelry  when I was in Japan – I loved wearing sterling silver and luckily for me – I know of a place that sells well designed sterling silver jewelry at a price that I can afford.  I tell all my Japanese friends whom like me loved sterling silver jewelry where I get mine.  I think I fell in love with sterling jewelry because of the many designs that I can choose from – unlike white gold – sterling silver are a lot hardier but a lot cheaper.

Shopping In Sogo Japan

One of the store I loved to shop when I am in Japan is SOGO but because of the competition around Japan, this Sogo had to be closed.  I won’t be able to get my  oil free  beauty products no more from SOGO but lucky for me and my girlfriends we did find some online where we can purchase them.   I prefer water based products as they are better for your skin and once upon a time – I would choose to vacation in Japan just because of a particular type of beauty product that I’m used to – but now that I’m living in the West – going to Japan is a lot harder and further – so it’s great to know that even though SOGO is closed in Hachioji – I can still get other oil free products with another brand.

Night Shopping Street In Osaka

Night shopping in Osaka starts from a little place called the Dotonbori, but of course there is more to just shopping here – you can have the best and biggest crab meal here as well.  But if you are looking for souvenirs to bring home – here is the place.  Plus Dotonbori is also known as the red-light district of Osaka – but we didn’t see much action when we were here on vacation.  Safe to bring your kids and walk the alley on Dotonbori – so you can make it a family vacation too.

This is like a ferris wheel and lights up at night.

Try some very spicy octopus balls (takoyaki) here.

Or some grilled skewer sticks of food here.

They sure have some strange looking statues there that almost acts like a pillar of protection for the shopping mall.

Another eatery in Dotonbori – overall night shopping and eating in Dotonbori in Osaka is a must – there are more to introduce in Dotonbori but that will be for another post.

Latest Fashion Trend In Japan

While everyone associates pearls with Japanese ladies – this year the  teardrop beads are commonly seen amongst the younger generation and the trendiest for the lot in shinjuku.  Every Japanese that I’ve come across are always so well-dressed and absolutely well maintained and they may not have gone for facials every month or a manicure and pedicure but they look immaculate.  Every strain of hair is in their proper places.

So whenever I go on vacation to Japan – the first thing I look out for are their accessories and fashion – and bring some home with me – and show off as well.  Not many people around here can find the same quality of accessories or clothing – so I’m grateful that I get to travel to Japan for work and vacation all the time.

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