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Gifting In Japan

Vacationing in Japan is always fun , because we have family and friends in Tokyo and Kyoto .  We stay in their homes and the customary thing is to buy your host family a gift as well as for their children.  As one of friend’s kid loved music and anything relaxed to it , I decided that I should get him the best dj headphones at guitarcenter.com  for our trip next month .  One can never go wrong with DJ headphones for a teenager boy who sneaks out to Harajuku on the weekend to play his musical instrument.

Party Time


Celebrating my kid’s sweet 18, we decided to have the birthday and dance at our home  I don’t think it is difficult as we have some  sound activated lights  that we can use for the dance floor.   So besides food, drinks and invitations and some good music on a turntable , I think we are pretty much ready to get the party rolling and getting the mood set right.

Jamming In The Streets Of Tokyo


Watching talented young and old people play on the streets are quite common in Japan.  With a 1 4 stereo jack  and their instruments, from drums to guitars, they are so dedicated in bringing you their best performances.   I don’t know if some get discovered but I think that most of these people just wants to perform for the love of it.  They never ask for money, but an applause or two is very much appreciated.  So if you happen to see these talented people play on the street, do clap when they are done.

Street Performance In Japan


Street performances in Japan is a common sight and I’ve written a lot about it in my many years that I’ve been in Japan.  The talented Japanese guys and girls spare not change when it comes to buying their musical instruments and costume for their performances.  My nephew who lives in Japan had asked me to bring a  pro bass box  for him this summer when I am on vacation in Japan and although my sister isn’t so keen in him performing on the street, I feel that it’s a really cool thing to do and experience.   I say go for it just as long as he isn’t doing drugs or drinking alcohol or fighting on the streets.

Portable Synthesizer For Musicians


I don’t know much about gadgets like the above but the nephew in Japan does and he wants me to bring him a  korg kaossilator  when I visit him this summer.   Apparently, he couldn’t find it at a reasonable price where he is , so he wants me to order it online and bring it with me when I visit his family.  I guess this is a synthesizer that is quite popular with young and old musicians as it produces different sounds for the musician/s.  I know exactly where to buy it online for him, so it’s really a pretty easy gift to bring for him during my visit.  He is going to love me for it.

Japanese Drumming In Japan


Drumming in Japan is quite tradition , unlike our drumming the West with a  gretsch new classic  .  Although , I do enjoy the traditional drumming in Japan, I much prefer the classic drumming we have in the West.   Both are art form but the traditional Japanese drumming seems a lot more intense.

I’ve seen some Taiko drumming in Sado Island sometime last year and tourists flocked to this quiet island because of this cultural event held yearly.  There is no lyrics to the drumming but it was definitely very enjoyable but if I had a choice I still prefer our Western drumming.

Drum Kits For Christmas


Buying a gift for my nieces and nephews in Japan wasn’t easy at all but I know they loved music and playing musical instruments like guitars and drums.  Teenagers are so hard to buy for , so I did a little  research on drum kits  to see what was available and if they were at my price range.  I loved that I’ve so many choices but to find something reasonable and that they will enjoy is hard.   But I finally did find something that was suitable for my price range and appropriate for them.  I’m guessing some kids overseas will have a very Merry Christmas.

Things To Do On Long Train Rides


While in Japan on vacation, we had to take a lot of trains from one place to another.  Sometimes, the train rides can go for as long as 3 hrs, so what do one do when you have to travel on the train a lot?  After reading much  reviews  online, we decided that we should bring a long a good earphone and of course, the ipod when we were in Japan.  And let me tell you that was the best investment we made thus far.  Not only was it good for our trip in Japan, it was great whenever we needed to take a plane.   The kids loved the headphones because it helps them to relax while the plane takes off and land.

Some people choose to read or knit but because I have motion sickness, I can’t do both things, so a pair of good headphone and some relaxing music was god-sent.  If you are ever traveling anywhere, do bring along a pair not only for yourself but for your children as well.

Wifi for Travelers To Japan


Many tourists as well as businessmen who had been to Japan complains constantly about getting access to Wifi easily.  You would think that Japan would be the first to have free wi-fi for its tourists and all those visiting from away right?  after all, they are one of the leaders in technology.  But until a few years ago, the most easily accessible free wi fi is Starbucks and on the train stations.

But good news for all those future tourists and businessmen out there, for the government in Japan is planning to have free wi-fi for all their visitors really soon.  But you will have to show that you are a tourists using your passport which can be a tat inconvenient at first but I guess it’s a small price to pay for some of us who needs the internet constantly.  So hurry for free wi – fi in Japan soon.

Pokemon Center Tokyo

Located near , well not that near to Hamamatsucho Train Station, this is a must to visit for folks who are fans of Pokemon even when they were kids and not now.  How can one miss visiting the Pokemon Center in Tokyo just to look around and see the massive amount of Pokemon stuff right?  from souvenirs to plush toys and key chains.

I don’t know about you out there but I had to go visit the store.   Oh and don’t forget to get a Pokemon drink from the vending machines, just because.

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