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Rabbit Cafe In Tokyo


So my daughter was reading a e – book from an American writer who married a Japanese that I had downloaded on my ipad.  And she saw that there are several rabbit cafe in Japan and she said she had to visits these rabbit cafes .    So I guess , we might just get a trip to Japan soon?

As you all know , in Japan, the apartments are pretty small and in order to have a pet, you have to pay a lot of extra rent and deposits , that are pretty much not refundable. So for those who cannot raise a pet , they go to these pet cafes around Tokyo and different parts of Japan.  And as far as I am concern there are several rabbit cafes and lot of cat cafes.

 Open from noon till about 7pm  – 9pm , Japanese can visit for an hour or more if they so choose to.  As far as I know , you don’t have to pay to pet the pets but you have to order their food as well as feed the pets with food provided by them but you have to pay for them.

While some people might thing that there are more female pet lovers , you will be surprised to know that a lot of males loved to go to these pet cafes too.  Not only the young loves these pet cafes from what I’ve read thus far but the older people also loved to frequent this pet cafes.  Average time spent with the pets are like 30 minutes and some places has a cover charge of 1100 Yen to 1300 Yen on the weekends.

And if you want to take pictures with the pets , you will have to pay like 500 extra Yen.  But drinks are absolutely free from coffee , tea and pop as well.

Gift For A Friend In Tokyo

 Whenever we go on a vacation to Tokyo , we stay with a very good friend.  We are very blessed because hotels in Tokyo can be very expensive.  So we bring a gift with us and this year , we were asked if we knew where to  buy clarinet  for our friend’s child who is starting to play the instrument.

So instead of just helping our friend buy the clarinet for her daughter, we are going to bring it as a gift for them.  The next time we will ask if they need anything from the West , that way we can kill 2 birds with one stone and getting them something useful.  And yes, it is customary to bring a gift when you visit a friend in Tokyo and more so if you stay with them.

Gift For Host Family In Japan


Exchange students are often going from Canada to Japan for a couple of months to experience the culture in Japan and to learn some of their languages to bring back to share with their fellow students from home..  Many a times , I’m asked what kind of gift/s do they send to the host family who are taking care of their children while they are away from home.  I recommended a few things but I particularly like to give table linens and premiertablelinens.com has an excellent selection  that one can order online and have the students bring along with them and present it to the host family as soon as they arrive.

Any host family from Japan would appreciate a piece of good quality table linen as the Japanese only believed in quality and not the quantity of things that one present.  And since Japanese families celebrates the harvest month like the Americans , a good table linen would be an excellent gift to present to the host family.  They would certainly  appreciate it and will use it during the harvest month when they are celebrating with friends and family or any special occasion to show them off to family and friends.

Street Performers In Japan


It takes a very special kind of people to go on the street and perform for no returns or monetary gain.  But it looks like they are not going to be a dying breed anytime soon in Japan.  At the Harujuku bridge on the weekends, you can see so many of these street performers giving their best to their willing customers.  You can see some with  new Korg keyboard  and other instruments that they lugged a long with them for their performances and some even dressed up for their gig.  They take what they do very seriously and definitely admirable.

I know I could never do that myself , therefore, whenever I am in Japan, and see these street performers, I leave some money for them.  Unlike in USA, where you need to pay the performers money to have a picture taken with them, in Japan, they are so happy when you want a picture with them.  They are not doing it to make money mostly, they just want to do it because of their passion.

Home Insurance


Japanese folks are very conscientious when it comes to home insurance and health insurance because unlike here in Canada, where we get free medical consultation, in Japan and in USA, you need to be insured in order to see a doctor.  Most people in USA uses  allredinsurance.com for their insurance needs.  But in Japan,  they depend on their employer’s insurance as well as private insurance for all their health needs.

Home insurance is a totally different altogether from health insurance , health insurance is more affordable than home insurance, home insurance can typically run a home owner about 20,000 Yen to 40,000 Yen.  But I’m assuming that the home insurance is so high because of earthquakes in Japan.

While National Health insurance covers about 70% of medical cost, it can still be quite expensive for the folks there.  I loved the insurance in USA, where you can get everything under one roof, unlike here in Canada, some do not cover certain areas that you may need, and you need to look for another underwriter.

Small Factories Around Japan

Japan being one of the most advance industrial country around the world has many small factories.  I’ve seen so many of those when I was living in Japan and working there with the hotel industry.  But when it comes to certain accessories that they need, they still look for them at  buyheatshrink.com tubing cutters  if they can’t find the same quality machines that they need in  or around Japan.

Japanese are known for their fussiness when it comes to providing not only good service but products, therefore, they only source for the best available if they cannot purchase them locally.  I have many such friends that outsource all the time, and many ask me where they can get certain industrial items for their factory from United States.  It is now so convenient to source for things online unlike 20 yrs ago, when I was in Japan where I had to literally, call back home for recommendations.

Spa Massages

When I lived in Japan, I missed the  deep tissue massage  that I can get back home.  Sure you can get massages in Japan but they are a wee bit different from the ones we get in the West.  Deep tissue massages are great for people like myself who’ve suffered an injury before and it also helps with blood circulation for people who are diabetic like myself.I find that massages not only pampers oneself but it’s health beneficial too.  Plus massages in Japan are mostly for the men folks, don’t ask me why but very little massage therapists are known for taking ladies only.

Adult Toys In Kiddie Boxes

Trust the japanese to come up with ideas like that to entice even the adults.  You can find these everywhere in Japan and they are like $5 a piece of toy.  But since they are more for adults, I guess they can afford it.  I find it funny seeing grown men twisting these but more funny when teenage boys tries to get their hands on these toys.

Street Musicians

Street musicians or performers are not uncommon in Japan in fact, you would be surprised that there are so many of them in Shinjuku especially given that the Japanese culture is known for being conservative.   I’ve seen many during my many visits to Japan for work and vacation and they really do impressed me because these performers take their music really seriously.  They do have the best instruments as you can see here a  yamaha mox8 at musicians friend  has a similar one like the one above.

So do they get money for performing ?  I’ve been told that these Japanese Street musicians and performers are not into money although you do see some tourist putting money into their music boxes.  But I was told that these performers are just happy to be able to show off their talent and some probably hope to be discovered as the next best performer or to go internationally.  I know for sure that it takes a lot of courage to perform in the streets, I wouldn’t be able to do it myself.

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