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Gift For Host Family In Japan


Exchange students are often going from Canada to Japan for a couple of months to experience the culture in Japan and to learn some of their languages to bring back to share with their fellow students from home..  Many a times , I’m asked what kind of gift/s do they send to the host family who are taking care of their children while they are away from home.  I recommended a few things but I particularly like to give table linens and premiertablelinens.com has an excellent selection  that one can order online and have the students bring along with them and present it to the host family as soon as they arrive.

Any host family from Japan would appreciate a piece of good quality table linen as the Japanese only believed in quality and not the quantity of things that one present.  And since Japanese families celebrates the harvest month like the Americans , a good table linen would be an excellent gift to present to the host family.  They would certainly  appreciate it and will use it during the harvest month when they are celebrating with friends and family or any special occasion to show them off to family and friends.

Great Gift For Host Family

 Every year, we send exchange students to Asia so that they can experience what it is like to study in a different country and environment and Japan is one of those that is highly requested.  Students stay with a host family and it is customary to bring the host family a gift.  In Japan, they have just about everything and to any Japanese you asked , they will tell you that quality is more important than quantity.  I usually suggest that they get the host family some Acrylic Dinnerware and  Home and Patio Décor Center has Merritt melamine  that any Japanese family will and can appreciate.

 Of course, you can choose from various price ranges and it doesn’t even need to be a very expensive set.  There are some sets that are as little as $32.99 and some as expensive as $299 but you can be sure that the quality of these gifts are equally exquisite and well made.  And like I’ve mentioned and cannot stress enough, any Japanese would love quality over quantity, so be sure to buy something useful and not because it’s expensive.


And since summer is just round the corner, I suggest this flip flop wine glass outdoor set for any host family or friends that you are visiting.  I’m pretty sure not only the Japanese will love it , anyone would love to have it.

Home Furnishing In Japan

There are many places to get furniture for your home in Japan but Ikea Japan had been one of the most popular places that Japanese go shop when they need a new piece of home furnishing.  If you think that you will find more Japanese style furniture in Ikea Japan, then you cannot be more wrong.  Ikea Japan is still very much the Swedish company style and everything in Ikea Japan looks very much the same as the ones here in the West.  Unfortunately, they don’t offer leather scratch repair  at Ikea or any furniture stores that I can find, so if you bought a leather couch or chaise, you are on your own if you scratch it.    My girlfriend who lives in Japan had to purchase a leather scratch repair kit online to get hers fix – thank God for the internet eh.  I don’t know if anyone does recoloring of leather in Japan but this online site had some stuff for doing it.

Beautiful Homes

While land isn’t a lot in Japan because of its massive population – there are many beautiful homes in Japan and many does have wooden gazebo like the above.  And because of what I had seen in Japan – I was so inspired that I came home telling my spouse that I wanted the same kind of garden and gazebo for our own home too.  Today, having a gazebo like this is not difficult to accomplished for they are rather reasonable in rate and if you can find a good contractor – you are all set for the rest of your life.  Having a gazebo like this – is the talk of the neighborhood and every gathering that you have with family and friends will be here under this gazebo and it’s a lovely sight to see so many people gathered outside your home and enjoying the afternoon or evening. Beautiful home starts from my gazebo and thanks to my Japanese friends for showing me all the exciting things and events I can hold on my gazebo.

Hotel Ryumeikan In Japan, Tokyo

We stayed at the Ryumeikan Hotel for only 2 days – and when we first booked it – we didn’t really think that it was a boutique hotel – looking at its picture – but we were quite wrong.  The entrance of the hotel was quite plain as you can see here – but the inside was pretty decent and some rooms I were told later that they even had those clawfoot tubs that I loved.

Unfortunately, my room didn’t have the clawfoot tub but it was still a very nice tub – if I may say so myself.  Not the conventional tub and I prefer the oval shaped tub a lot better.  I liked the open concept window where I can enjoy the night light of tokyo while i enjoy a soak after a long day of shopping or working.

For the smaller room – they don’t have such a big washing area but still a very nice one – and I wouldn’t mind having a smaller wash area as long as I have one of those clawfoot tubs.

Love the room – they gave us a king size bed – but I didn’t quite like the carpeting as you can see in this picture.  But definitely loved the desk though – one can work comfortably here.

This is the upper lobby lounge of the hotel – you can have a drink here and meet up with your guests or just relax for the evening.  It is also the place where you can check in – and if you have luggage – you need to lug it up yourself.  The hotel is only 5 mins away from the train station and I loved it – very convenient to go anywhere downtown. The rates were good – so if you are in Tokyo – and want to stay comfortably – you may want to check out this hotel.

Modern Living In Japan

While a lot of younger people love the modern living and contemporary sofa they buy from imported stores – most of them have a piece of art that represents their culture in their home too.  My girlfriend from United States who now currently lives in Japan on a permanent basis – have lots of these art pictures of old Japan in  her home – although everything in the house looks like an American home.  Besides the modern sofas, all her bedrooms have modern bed sets as well – but they can be pass as Japanese furniture as well because of how they look – very clever of my girlfriend because that pleases her in-laws a lot – who are Japanese.

Tell me this don’t look like a japanese bed to you?  see I told yer – but nope contemporary design – modern living brought to you from United States.  So if you want some Japanese in your home – you don’t have to look too far eh.

Japanese Pancakes

Well.. it really isn’t pancakes.. but sorta.  It’s actually called Imagawa Yak.  Definitely missing it right now.. and wished i could sink my teeth onto one of this sweet and sugary thing.  Made of eggs, flour and sugar.. it’s pretty popular as a afternoon snack in our office.  Plenty of them sold in the shop houses in Japan – Tokyo .. where office furniture are sold and around Asia.   I love the one in Azabu Jyuban because it was near our office..  at $1 a piece .. you can’t really go wrong with it.   Comes with fillings of red beans.. cheese and peanut or custard, i always get the red bean ones.

Red Candle Table Lamp

I have been asked many a times.. if in Japan.. do the folks there use lamps like these.. that you can find in the West.. in speciality shops.  I have to let you know. .that yes.. some do use these lamps.. and please be made aware that those manufactured in Japan are definitely different . .than those you find manufactured in China.  In Japan.. the japanese believed that quality is above everything.   Everything you see here .. to make this table lamp successful is all hand made.. and inspected personally.   So yes.. as long as I see that sign “Made in Japan” .. well you know .. you can trust that they are quality product.

Japanese Homes

Traditional Japanese homes in Takano River looked like that. In the cold winter months, it would really be nice to have a tankless water heater.  I remembered my host family having to take turns because they wouldn’t have so much hot water to go round the entire household and i feel extremely bad, because they always let me have a hot bath first.. since i am the guest.  I really wished i could send them one now .. since they had been so nice to me.. during my 6 months stay in Japan.

Relocating To USA

My friend Chiko- San has just gotten a job in the USA and she and her whole family is moving there together.  We all know that moving or relocating is no fun and needs a lot of work and planning.  She is very excited but was getting stressful too because she didn’t know who can help her or how she can move everything from Japan to the US.

A good place to start for someone like Chiko-San is Relocation.com.  They have the resources and information you need for your move.  On this site you can find all the information you need, from buying a new house, moving, renting an apartment or even get some mortgage info.  Need a shipping quote? No problem!  They have all the info for folks like Chiko-san who is moving internationally.

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