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Rabbit Cafe In Tokyo


So my daughter was reading a e – book from an American writer who married a Japanese that I had downloaded on my ipad.  And she saw that there are several rabbit cafe in Japan and she said she had to visits these rabbit cafes .    So I guess , we might just get a trip to Japan soon?

As you all know , in Japan, the apartments are pretty small and in order to have a pet, you have to pay a lot of extra rent and deposits , that are pretty much not refundable. So for those who cannot raise a pet , they go to these pet cafes around Tokyo and different parts of Japan.  And as far as I am concern there are several rabbit cafes and lot of cat cafes.

 Open from noon till about 7pm  – 9pm , Japanese can visit for an hour or more if they so choose to.  As far as I know , you don’t have to pay to pet the pets but you have to order their food as well as feed the pets with food provided by them but you have to pay for them.

While some people might thing that there are more female pet lovers , you will be surprised to know that a lot of males loved to go to these pet cafes too.  Not only the young loves these pet cafes from what I’ve read thus far but the older people also loved to frequent this pet cafes.  Average time spent with the pets are like 30 minutes and some places has a cover charge of 1100 Yen to 1300 Yen on the weekends.

And if you want to take pictures with the pets , you will have to pay like 500 extra Yen.  But drinks are absolutely free from coffee , tea and pop as well.

Banana Cream Sponge Cake

I yearned to have this once again.  I remembered laughing at my friends who would lugged this home all the way from Japan or buying this as gift after their vacation but darn!  this banana cream sponge cake and shaped like a banana is darn good and creamy and soft.

I haven’t had this for so long, I am tempted to get the spouse to bring it home for me when he visits Japan the next time on one of his business trip.  This banana cream filled sponge cake is about $4.50 and is just about in any departmental store in Japan.

Pokemon Center Tokyo

Located near , well not that near to Hamamatsucho Train Station, this is a must to visit for folks who are fans of Pokemon even when they were kids and not now.  How can one miss visiting the Pokemon Center in Tokyo just to look around and see the massive amount of Pokemon stuff right?  from souvenirs to plush toys and key chains.

I don’t know about you out there but I had to go visit the store.   Oh and don’t forget to get a Pokemon drink from the vending machines, just because.

Strange Vending Machines In Japan

Yes, liked I’ve always said trust the Japanese to come up with the weirdest things and these vending machines are the proof of it all.  From amulet for good luck to love amulet – or if you needed a local snack, they have it all in these vending machines.  You can also find live fish baits to mini pots of flowers, just in case you need to visit someone in the hospital and the florist is closed.  They even have manga in the vending machine in case your friendly neighborhood book store is closed.  The Japanese do think of everything don’t they.

Tokyo Fashion Today

One gotta love all those street fashion you see in Japan – and of course, we all want to dress up like these fashionable Japanese girls.  But gone are the glasses worn by the above girls because  Spy Sunglasses  are the in – thing now and I want to get a pair too.  The spy sunglasses are definitely fashionable – that’s why I can see why it got so popular with the Japanese girls so quickly, my girlfriend from Japan would loved to get a hold of one pair for herself  and another for her sister – in – law.  The frames are said to be hand- crafted – now that’s pretty cool.   Japanese are said to be one of the most fashionable freaks around the world – I love looking at Tokyo street fashion every now and then to keep up to date.

Pharmacy In Japan

 Who would want to go to a pharmacy while on vacation right?  nope not me but it’s always good to know where to get some off the counter medication like for headaches or pain-killer or even if you have motion sickness.  You can locate the pharmacies very easily when you see this mascot in front of the store and then you go look for those people with  white coats  if you have any questions about the meds you need and they will help you.  Don’t be afraid because the pharmacist usually speaks in some form of English.  Japanese pharmacies are very much like the ones we have here in the west – they have all kind of things and even beauty products but they are a lot more colorful.  Most tourist mistaken the pharmacy for a grocery store till they see the people with white coats on.

Cosplay In Japan

Cosplay in Japan is a huge thing – from kids to adults – and if you think that Japan is a conservative country – you will change your mind once you’ve seen this.  They gather around Tokyo – from harajuku to Jingu Bridge – that connects to a shrine in Meiji.  But having said that – you can also see come cosplay in Akihibara.

There are many cosplay cafe in Akihabara – fans of cosplay goes there to see cosplay waitress serve them.  They are also known as Maid cafes.  But be careful which Maid Cafes you go into – because some of the waitresses are quite skimpy dressed.

These cosplay folks love the attention – and if you have a camera – they will post for you.  I’ve heard that some don’t like pictures taken – but I’ve never come across them.

Cosplay is not cheap at all – as you can see here – the Japanese takes them seriously and wear everything to detailed.

Very colorful cosplay costume here.

Kids may be a little freak out by the costumes but we loved it.

Baby Cafe In Japan

Not much of a baby’s cafe if you asked me – but what do i know right?  plus it’s white in color – now that’s not so smart eh?  but mothers are supposed to be able to gather here and have some beverages while there children play safely – and really i don’t see much to play – but it’s shibuya – and for an hour’s worth of play time for the kids – it will make you poorer by 500Yen.  Children under 7 only – so it’s pretty exclusive – but the Japanese have the money that’s for sure.

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