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Japanese Pets Owners

My Japanese girlfriends in Japan loves their pets a lot, the things they do for their pets are sometimes funny.  Like this one above, yes..!!! she really dyed the dog pink..!!!  crazy..???  hahahahah!! not really, it was just because her daughter loves pink at that time and thought it would be absolutely cute.  I thought so too.  But the things they buy and do for their doggie, like the several pet beds they had in their home, so that their dog can be comfy in the different levels of their home.  Her dog is treated so well, i wouldn’t mind being her pet too.

BilliKen Goes Umeda Osaka

Originated in America, BilliKen is somewhat like a diety in Osaka and Shinsekai downtown area.  they say to touch its feet to bring you good luck.  Things as they are .. was what the statue represented i think.. something to do with the war .. and the american invasion some time in 1912.  So if you see one in Osaka, Japan.. take a picture.. don’t forget.  But note the the original one is made of wood and located on the 5th floor of the observation deck at the Tsutenkaku Tower.  The original Billiken in Tsutenkaku Tower is quite worn out .. truth be told.. and people even pen down wishes.. besides rubbing its feet .. like a few times.  It’s amusing to watch.  600 yen for a wish card.. to be hung beside BilliKen’s statue.

Red Candle Table Lamp

I have been asked many a times.. if in Japan.. do the folks there use lamps like these.. that you can find in the West.. in speciality shops.  I have to let you know. .that yes.. some do use these lamps.. and please be made aware that those manufactured in Japan are definitely different . .than those you find manufactured in China.  In Japan.. the japanese believed that quality is above everything.   Everything you see here .. to make this table lamp successful is all hand made.. and inspected personally.   So yes.. as long as I see that sign “Made in Japan” .. well you know .. you can trust that they are quality product.

Shop Kawaii

I swear.. those darn Japanese has the cutest things.. to sell to you .. and you can’t resist them..!! when i was in Japan.. i tell yer.. i bought so many things.. !! things i don’t even know what to do with them.. just because they are cute.  And one thing about Japanese goods are they are of good quality.. and not like those CHINA made ones.  They last a long, long time too.. and they ship to Canada too..!! woohoo..!!!

Cute or what..?? only at $2.99 ..  and shipping is quite ok too..!!!

The Kawaii Museum, Ghibli

Sorry .. !! i couldn’t post up any more pictures about this Manga Museum.. Ghilbi because they don’t allow any pictures to be taken.  Bummer eh!  but the Museum was awesome .. and they did have some cool exhibits.  It was kinda magical for my kid.. and she really like the Totor Zoetrope with its 3D effect and the lights and all.

What a cute looking bus for the Ghibli Museum right..?

A museum that is interesting and which relaxes the soul
A museum where much can be discovered
A museum based on a clear and consistent philosophy
A museum where those seeking enjoyment can enjoy, those seeking to ponder can ponder, and those seeking to feel can feel
A museum that makes you feel more enriched when you leave than when you entered!

The sign that lead us to Ghibi Museum.  Their open everyday except Tuesdays and the opening hours are from 10am to 6pm.  Check out their Straw Hat Cafe while you are there.  Hayao Miyazaki is the Executive Director of Ghibli Museum.

Sushi & Kawaii Japanese Girls

Having lived in Japan for 6 months, the folks from home always asked if eating sushi . .makes the japanese girls slim and super cute..??  What a question eh..?? hhahha!!! yup.. but it’s true..  i get asked often enough. .especially during those earlier days .. when i first came home.

I don’t really know if sushi had anything to keep my Japanese friends kawaii.. but i found that living in Japan and eating so much sushi.. didn’t make me put on an ounce.  I guess the bottle of Leptovox that i had brought along just didn’t get used.

Japanese Wedding

I think Japanese couples are so cute.. and the man seems shy as well as the bride. The traditional costume is still worn at this time and age .. even though during the reception.. the bride and groom changes into something more modern.

I had attended only 1 japanese wedding in my 6 months stay in Japan.. and i was kinda thrilled and excited.. to be invited.  I felt kinda honored if you know what i mean.  Afterall, she was just a co-worker that I  had met.  But i guessed since she invited my boss.. she had to invite me.. ?? hahahhaa!!!  Oh well.. Miko-San turned out to be a good friend.. that I continued keeping in touch after my 6 months stay in Japan for work.

I’ve seen a lot of Japanese girls marry Western man .. but i also know of a Canadian who married a Japanese man as well.  She is awesome.. !! she lives in Japan now.  And the Japanese laws states that all wedding must take place in your local city office.  You have to give notice to this office beforehand.  Even if you wished to perform your wedding in a church or a temple.. you will have to do it after you have had your civil wedding.

Japanese weddings are not cheap at all.. and i hear that the girl needs to come with some kind of dowry.  I don’t know if it is true these days.. but one thing for sure.. is that the Japanese Wedding reception is a very colorful and joyful one.  The temple ceremony was very serious .. and taking the sip of sake in the temple.. and all.. was an eye opener for me.  The two families will be introduced officially and red and white are the traditional wedding colors.  The married women in the wedding wears black.  I really did enjoy the Japanese wedding.

Thanksgiving In Japan

Japan’s Thanksgiving is a very different from the Thanksgiving in United States.. so for the Americans living in Japan.. they found it a wee bit funny.  In Japan, Thanksgiving is known also as Kinro Kansha No Hi, it means.. a labor day thanksgiving for the workers. Labor Thanksgiving Day is actually a national holiday in Japan.

Having said all the above.. the Americans in Japan still get together.. and have a small celebration.  I know the turkeys are not as huge as the ones in find here in the West.. but still.. they it was always a good attempt.   We always overeat.. and the next day .. the girls will be out looking for diet pill.

Black Methol & Japanese Women

The Japanese women are known for their smoking habits.  In Japan, the women are the ones with the highest smoking rate in any other developed countries in the world.  If you are as surprised as I am, well, you are not alone.  I was quite shocked to see a lot of my co-workers in Japan smoking every chance they get.  You don’t even want to know where they go and smoke, what a waste . .i tell myself.. whenever i see one of them doing it.. especially when they all looked so pretty.  i hope they bought some good term life insurance for we all know what cigarettes can do to people.

Gem Of Life Episode 14 For Yuko-San

Gem Of Life Episode 14 for Yuko-San because i didn’t know .. she liked the show this much too.  Yuko san is originally from Hong Kong .. and i met her.. when i was on a business trip .. many years ago.  We lost contact..  but found each other on a forum for our favorite chinese tvb series.  I told Yuko San .. that i can help find her to links to watch all her favorite shows.  So here it is .. Yuko San.. you can find the show to watch here.  Enjoy.. Yuko San.

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